Contributors to this Family History Over the Years. Home Page Home Page Dowling H.M. Dyke R. Faire R. Fidge D.G. Filsell R.G Fitchett J. Flett K. Franicevic T & R Gigger D.R. Gill L. Paxton J.A Prideaux B. Read B.A. Roberts L. Rose D.J. & M. Rupkalvis J. Ryan K. Ryder L.G. Ryder L.J. Scrase R.W. Sittauer M. Skinner K. Slavin S. Stirling S.J. Sumner H.E. Sutcliffe A.P.C. Taggart C.M. Tilley P.G. Toop A.    Uppill R.A.  Van Riel T.  Walker D.F.  Ward C.J.  Watson J.  Watts A.G.  Wickham P.F.  Wilson E.M.A.  Wood G.L.  Wood J.  Young D.  Young L.H. My apologies to those whose recognition of their contribution, for a variety of reasons. has just appeared on this page However if you are still missing from this list, or if I have missed acknowledging an image etc, please, please let me know. Audrey Mary Fenn (formerly Cannell nee Anderson).            My greatful thanks to you for your assistance.  Cameron C.  Campbell B.J.  Campbell P.M.  Cannell C.H.  Cannell W.J.  Cartwright L.  Clemow M.L.  Clover G.R.  Clover S.C.  Coilett L.M.  Coles J.R.  Creed E.M. Abbott M.M.J. Alp W.K. Anderson C.B. Anderson D. Anderson D.C. Anderson G.R. Anderson J.M. Anderson M. Anderson T. Anderson T.J. Antoniewicz R. Aston I.K. Atkinson M.E.C. Bails S.L. Briggs P. Buckley M. Bynum E.   Hall B.I. Harper G. Harris S. Hart D.J. Haylock A. Henderson J. Herchenrider J. Holloway K. Howlett R.B. Hughes C.J. Hughes J.L. Hughes P.C. Hughes R.N. Hughes T. Kavaney W. Keen P. Ketteridge G. Krake S.E. Lamb J. Lonsdale-Deighton A. Lynch C. Masters J. McAuliffe S.E. McGarvie D. McRae T.L. Miller D. Miller J.A. Molloy H.A. Moyle E. & D. Moyse W.J. Mull Families. Napier-Winch J. Naujokas E. North J.E. Oates E. O’Brien F.